Classroom Organization: Toilet Paper Rolls Edition

Ya'll, summer is coming to an end much too soon! Thursday was the last day of summer school and Monday my campus opens for teachers to come and work in their classrooms. I know many of you are already back at work, but in the Houston area teachers are just getting back in gear with most districts starting school the week of August 25th.

To put a wet and splash-tastic end to summer school the local fire department came and MADE IT RAIN on the kiddos. It was a BLAST!

That's my daughter, Isa, in pink and black. The wonderful Kinder teachers on my campus were kind enough to let my four year old join their classes so she could get a taste of what school will be like when she goes to K in 2015. She has to wait one more year, but she "really, really, really" wants to go now. Isa declared that she never wants to go to daycare ever again, and that she wants to keep going to school with mommy, AND that she loves the two teachers she was with for the last 3 weeks.

Since I was on campus for summer school I've gotten some stuff done in my classroom already. These caddies are not filled with new supplies yet and right now they are simply functional (not pretty), but I love this idea so I want to share it with you. Last year I organized all of my teacher supplies by filling a shoe box with toilet paper rolls to hold pencils, pens, highlighter, rulers and more. It worked great, so this summer I saved up some more rolls for my table caddies. The rolls will hold crayons, scissors, and pencils.

For the crayons, I cut the rolls in half. Then I hot glued four rolls to a piece of card stock cut to fit in one of the small compartments in the caddy. For the scissors and pencils, I used the whole roll. First, I hot glued them to the sides of the caddy. Upon inspection I didn't think they would hold for too long, so I decided to duct tape them too! Looking at the pics now I think it would look nicer if I taped all the way around the inside of the large compartment in the caddy. It's a work in progress, for sure :-)

Moving case you don't follow me on Instagram...

This is my nephew Jack. Jack was born today. The doctor's told my sister that Jack had a hole in his heart that was too large to heal on it's own and that it would need to be corrected with open heart surgery after he was born. His heart rate was astronomical for unknown reasons. His upper chambers were beating at a higher rate than his lower chambers. My sister has been in the hospital on meds to lower his heart rate. When my sister went into the hospital, I posted a prayer request on my personal Facebook page. My friends all sent their best wishes and promised to pray. Well, yesterday, the meds finally started working. Then today, he was born. Guess what?! The doctors cannot find the hole. Right now he is believed to have been born perfectly healthy. His heart rate is normal.  It's just soooo awesome. 

I think I'll leave you with that :-)

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