Five for Friday: Summer School Edition

Happy summer's end :-) OR :-( depending on how you look it.

Before I get to my five, can you see a title? My titles are not loading. For weeks now, I have not been able to figure out this problem!

I'm back at school already, not for the school year, but for K-2 Jump Start. It's like a half day summer school to get some kiddos pumped up for the upcoming school year. The fire department is coming this Thursday to spray their hoses in the parking lot so the kids can have a splash day. Fun!

Here are a few pics from our week:

We have been doing lots of word work. We've used magnetc letter to build words with short a and long a sounds, shaped words using pip cleaners, and decided to rainbow write in full effect, extra large, on chart paper. 

We reviewed how to write a summary and then summarized our big book. Check out the little cutie that draws better than I do! That's my comic strip summary on top and a the student's on the bottom. 

Of course we had to do a craftivity when we finished our summaries! Here's a page from our big book that we used as inspiration and the sample craft I made. 

One day we finished about 15 minutes early, so we did a guided drawing and then painted it - JUST FOR FUN! The class decided they wanted to learn to draw a zombie. Of course. Because I am clueless how to draw one, but I did the best I could. Mine did not include blood, but of course some red paint was added to a few drawings. Here is one firstie's drawing: 

Today I'm home, so I'm trying to do a little blogging and then finish up some stuff for the B2S on TpT.

Does your district use Words Their Way? Mine does. It comes with lots of resources: workbook, sorting cards, rhymes, games. I like everything, but the workbook pages, so I've been working this summer to create my own to supplement the curriculum. I'm hoping to get all the sets done in time for the sale. So far these two are in my store (and will be on sale 20% off)! Even though I created this resource to supplement WTW, you don't have to use the curriculum to use these worksheets. 

I can't wait until my room is finished and ready to share. I'm using pool noodles to create light pole and black rope as power lines to create my anchor chart wall. Birds on the wires will hold the charts. I hope it turns out like I visualize it in my head ;-)

Here's to the last few weeks of summer vacation!

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