Portable building - no desks - no chairs - 30 first graders - no recess - no specials - state testing day. What do you do??? Sharks..that's what!

Shark Template Credit: Amy Lemons

We started a research unit in Reading class this week. We will follow up our whole group research on the Great White Shark by pairing up with a buddy, and choosing a different shark to research and compare to the Great White Shark. Fortunately, our school library has a huge assortment of shark books :-)

The portable lacked access to GoNoodle or YouTube videos for brain breaks, so we split into groups for some hula hoop/team work relays. Funniest thing ever!

Planning for Mother's Day? I'm finishing this packet this weekend and uploading to TpT.

It includes activities for the this book AND... interactive mini book about Mother's Day, an interview with mom, the cutest traced hand bouquet ever, options for other special ladies (like Aunt, Grandma, Step-Mom) and more!

Have a great weekend,


  1. 30 first graders in a portable with no internet access and no recess?? AHHH!! Nice job with the shark idea! I bet they LOVED it! And I always love a good hoolihoop race. Nice job keeping them occupied!

    The Land of I Can

  2. Your shark activities are adorable! I'm glad you survived the week!
    :) Dana
    Common to the Core

  3. Bless your heart.. I bet you jut welcomed Friday with open arms! Very creative way to get them moving. And your shark stuff is adorable!