Seeds and Pants, and Plants and Seeds: A Science Class Recap

We've been learning about plants in science class. Last week we focused on the parts of a plant and this week we learned about the life cycle of a plant and seeds.

We examined a lima bean and recorded our observations.

We also checked out a BrainPop Jr on the life cycle of plants. My firsties love BrainPop. 

I secretly think they love it for the quizzes, more than the video. They are obsessed with the quizzes. They cheer for the quiz and for every answer they get right. Their preffered method for taking the quiz is writing on their desks with dry erase markers. But, I digress...

If you are looking for a good book about seeds and how they travel, check this one out. 

The next day, we observed what happened to some seeds that had soaked in wet paper towels for a few days. The kids opened up the seeds and most were amazed by the embryo. 

Next, we made a prediction about what would happen if we planted seeds right side up and upside down. 

Yep, the prediction is wrong. But we are completing a gravitropism experiment to learn if our prediction is correct or not. 

My fabulous partner teacher told me about this little experiment. The kids place damp paper towels inside of baggies. Then place some seeds on top of the staples I put in their baggie. We used popcorn kernels and lima beans. One of each kind of seed is right side up and the other is updside down. We are going to use droppers to moisten our paper towels daily and we will record our observation in our science journal. 

And, our campus has a raised garden on the playground. First grade is trying to grow some cucumbers. I hope some firsties have green thumbs, because I wanna make a cucumer salad ;-)

I'm off to shop for a car. I can't stand car shopping. Wish me luck!

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  1. We just started our plant unit last week. Thanks for sharing great ideas!

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