A Day to Honor Earth

Happy Earth Day :-) My class spent the day exiled to a portable with no tables or chairs, but we still managed to have a blast! Well....okay...I mean...we weren't really banished. We were accomodating the needs of a small group of state testers who needed the space. We will be doing the same thing tomorrow. Today there was a certain novelty to sitting on the floor all day. I hope the appeal doesn't wear off for day 2. 

Anyway, we spent the day learning how to be a Planet Pal. And, we learned A LOT. 

We got our Earth Day activities started with an interactive mini book about Earth Day from my A Day to Honor Earth Pack. Here's a look at a few of the pages:

At some point, after an Earth Day Read Aloud and a brain break, we did a little reading and critical thinking with a passage (also in the pack) called Why Plant Trees? 

And, we found time for a craft. We made these stained glass suncatchers using the template from my packet. The ones I snapped pictures of are still drying. Tomorrow we will add a string and take them home to hang in a window. 

We had more to do...but we just couldn't finish it all. 

Maybe we can get to our cut and paste recycleable materials flip book later in the week. 

Tomorrow, I get some extra kiddos from another first grade class, so I planned for a... wait for it......., Shark Day! All firsties love sharks, right? Hopefully, a little shark-tastic learning will keep us all content in the portable for one more day :-)

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  1. I was trying to think of a flip book to make for Earth Day. I love yours!

    A Very Curious Class