Intro to Addition Math Games and Activities

This is week 3 of the TpT Seller Challenge! This week's theme is:

I'm late to the party because I like to make a grand entrance I spent the first half of the week beachside in a cozy cottage and it was fantastic! Now, about the challenge...

Last year my school district adopted the Pearson enVision MATH 2.0 Grade 1Texas edition. I wonder how it differs from the Common Core or Florida edition...or is it just a label? Before enVision, we used Investigations. My district does not require that we use or follow any program exclusively, but does provide a scope & sequence and suggests and references materials from the adopted programs. I like some things about enVision (like the short introductory videos for each lesson), but I still like to use many of the Investigations hands-on activities. So, I added hands-on math games and activities that complement enVision to my summer to-do list.

Even though, enVision does provide some math centers, they are generally a black and white worksheets. There is nothing wrong with back and white worksheet games, per say, but I like to promote engagement and buy-in and a "This looks fun!" mindset with colorful or thematic games and activities during math class. As a result, I've began creating math games and activities (perfect for the teacher table and math tubs) to supplement the enVision program. 

Of course, you do not need to use the enVision Math program to utilize these fabulous math activities! Here's a peek at some of what's included.

This is one of the games that will help students recognize the quantities of structured arrangements. Play with dots, ten frames, tally marks, or combine all three. 

The lighting in this pic stinks...that is a bright neon green paper, not the pea soup color seen here. 

Inside/Outside games are fabulous way for students to use objects to represent addition problems. Use the cut-outs included in the packet, or seasonal manipulatives, or snack foods, or whatever you have on hand. 

Use the cut-outs included in the packet, dollar store manipulatives, snack foods, erasers or whatever you have on hand. It is not lost on me that the fish out of water will die :-(

I love story mats. I have children tell the story out loud. My daughter prefered dinosaurs to birds, so the story sounded something like this, "5 dinosaurs were picking flowers. Then, 5 more dinosaurs came to pick flowers. Now there are 10 dinosaurs picking flowers." At the beginning of the year, we work on oral story problems. It helps us with writing story problems later. 

There are four different story mats included in the Intro to Addition packet, plus lots more!

Intro to Additon Math Games and Activites can be found in my store now for 20% off today through Monday!

Here are a couple of other masterpieces I've recently completed too!


  1. Cute product! Love the pond with the goldfish! I also love the firefly jar!

  2. I really like your product. It's really cute and eye-catching. Younger teachers should be gobbling this stuff up. Nice job!

  3. Thank you for showing your story mats with a couple of different manipulatives - that really made a visual impact for me. These look fantastic for getting young children to think mathematically, very age appropriate and playful, but full of learning. I love it!