TpT Seller Challenge Week 2: Dare to Dream!

I am very grateful for the opportunities that TpT has given me to make additional income beyond my teacher's salary. When I first became a seller, I just wanted to make some money to spend buying products (because I buy a LOT from TpT)! But, when I began to sell more than I spent, I began dreaming about making enough money to cover my car note every month. That dream ACTUALLY came true (!!!) which has inspired me to DARE to DREAM a little bigger. FYI, I drive a Toyota Sienna, not a Maserati, so we're not talking big, big money here, but my van is PAID OFF. Woo-hoo!

Week 2 of the TpT Seller Challenge is about sharing your goals and dreams for yout TpT business...

Here are a few of mine:

KITCHEN APPLIANCES: We just replaced our washing machine and dryer, so, of course, the ice machine stopped working in our kitchen freezer and the oven appears to be on the fritz. I dare to dream that over the course of the coming school year, I'll be able to replace our old appliances with shiny new stainless steel ones!

BATHROOMS and POOL: Hey, there was no time limit listed for this DREAM LIST! Our house is about twelve years old now, so eventually I'd love to help fund a few renovations.

PERSONAL TRAINER: I'm not a self-motivator when it comes to physical fitness. I'm on and off that bandwagon quite often. Perhaps, If I could afford a trainer...

TRAVEL: I wanna go, go, go, but it's expensive to take a family of 6 anywhere! 


  1. Doesn't it always seem multiple things break or need replacing at the same time! I can definitely relate to the on and off the bandwagon deal. Summertime is the worst for me because I find I am more inactive than during the school year. Just have to keep trying to stay on the wagon!