FREEBIE Back to School Writing Center with REAL Pictures

#2 on my summer to-do list is do revamp enhance my writing center. One thing I really felt my classroom was lacking was REAL life pictures that could be used for inspiration. I have tons of clip art, but I wanted something different, so I've created some new writing centers that are delightfully lacking in clip art. I'm almost ready to upload an entire year's worth of Writing Centers with Real Pictures, but let me introduce the first two today. These two are must haves for the beginning of the school year and one of them is absolutely FREE for a limited time!

The Back to School Writing Center with REAL Pictures includes color photos of buses, a school, a teacher and her students, a classroom, a backpack and supplies, library, computer lab, art class, playground, and cafeteria. 

The Fall Fruit Writing Center with REAL Pictures includes color photographs of apples, an orchard, apple blossoms, parts of an apple (Granny Smith), yellow apples (Golden Delicious), apple juice, apple pie, apple sauce, candy apples, bobbing for apples, pumpkins, parts of a pumpkin, squash, vines, baby pumpkin, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin patch, and costumed children with pumpkin buckets. This center is perfect for September and October! 

I'll be back in August with a post about my completed writing center. I plan to print the pages with color photographs and labels at a small poster size. I will hang the posters above my writing center so it can be used for inspiration and as a picture dictionary from across the room. I will also print and laminate about 5 copies to add to my picture dictionary basket which holds many thematic clip art picture dictionaries already. I can't wait to share it with you!

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