TpT Seller Challenge Week 1

Sweet, sweet summer-time is here! But what does a teacher blogger blog about when she's not in the classroom??? Trapped inside today by the reminents of a tropical storm, I spent a little LOT of time watching tv and on the computer. I spotted this pic on Instagram:

So, I'm linking up with some super fly teacher bloggers for the TpT Seller Challenge.  I've only been selling resources on TpT for about a year and I always struggle with the cover pages. I'm never satisfied with my covers and I haven't really found my own cover style groove yet, but I decided to revamp  the covers on my word work packets. 

I made these four packets to supplement the Words Their Way word study program. All four covers had gray backgrounds and some BLAH fonts. I liked it when I made it last summer, but now...not so much. I'm still not sure about the background, but I LOVE the new font choices. 

Now back to Orange is the New Black...


  1. I really like the fresh look of your new covers! How many more episodes to Orange Is the New Black do you have left for season 3? I'll finish the last one right tonight! Soooo goood!

    Happy Watching,

    1. I finished the season last night. I didn't enjoy season 3 as much as the first two seasons, but the last few episodes were pretty awesome!

  2. Very cute makeovers- I like that they are all similar, with small differences. I am doing the same thing with some covers I'm making for the 5 CVC short vowel units I've been working on (covers very similar). Have a great rest of the summer!

  3. Love how the sheets are more apparent on the cover now!

    For the Love of First Grade

  4. Love it!! I am starting the new season of orange is the new black today. YA!
    Moore to Learn