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Hi friends,

I've been soooo busy enjoying my last week of summer vacation (boo-hoo, sniff, sniff, sigh) that I just couldn't get my Monday Made-It post done on Monday. So, this is a late edition!

In sixth grade pointers aren't necessary. Some of the kiddos are taller than I am! But in first, everyone has pointers. You know what I'm talking about, right?

I shopped pointers and decided they were way over priced, so I decided to make my own. I used cardboard rods from dry cleaner hangers. (Please excuse the tacky table cloth, but I don't wanna hot glue my table.)

You can probably think of 100s of cute things to attach to the rods. I used glue bottles. First, I had to empty the bottles. I lasted all of three seconds squeezing glue out of bottles, when I thought of this:

Place a styrofoam plate on top of a bowl.
Uncap the glue bottle.
Poke a hole in a styroam plate with a knife.
Stick the glue bottle in the hole.

Then, I really wised up and poked several bottles at once into the styrofoam plate.

I spray painted my glue bottles. I used neon green, neon pink, and white because I had those colors left over from a project at the beginning of last school year. If I could do it all over again, I would only use the white or not use spray paint at all. Now that some of the pointers are finished, I can tell that the spray paint can easily be scratched off the glue bottle. After I removed the cardboard rod, I used the wire part of the hanger to help in the painting process. This trick may come in handy in the furture. I used pliers to straighten the curved ends of the hanger, then poked the hangers into the ground. They looked like Ys sticking out of the ground. I stuck the glue bottles on the ends of the hangers so I didn't have to hold the bottles or just spray one side at a time and wait for it to dry before I could spray the other.

Lawn junkies... no worries. The grass got cut shortly after this pic and the paint spots are gone.

I used googly eyes and fuzzies to help decorate my bottles. But you could use just about anything.

These are the ones I've finished so far. The green one is a lizard. The second one is an IDK what. The third one is a very pink princess. My fave is the mustache one. I attached a white rod after this pic was taken. I like the simplicity of it. Too bad I didn't think of it until I working on number four, or I would probably just make them all like that!

I knifed a hole into the bottom of each bottle, inserted a rod, hot glued around the rod at the base of the bottle, and then wrapped each rod with ribbon.

There are so many options for the end of the rod if you don't like the glue bottles. A large decorative eraser might be cute.

If you don't need lengthy pointers, my sister suggested using wooden spoons. Paint the spoons and add googly eyes to make them look like animals. Neat-o idea!

Now head on over to Fourth Grade Frolics for some more fabulous DIY ideas!

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  1. Hi Kasandra!
    I was also a little late on my Monday Made It...it's okay! At least we are making things right? I absolutely love your pointers! I would have never thought of that!

    The Teacher and the Frog