Classroom Tour 2013


I finally got my room done enough to share some pics. I have to put the finishing touches on it tomorrow before Back to School Bash. My fingers are crossed I can get everything done. It seems ever year, there is less and less time to work on my room and more time spent doing professional development.

You may recall my shock and horror when I saw my new room had two fake accordian walls. It's tough not having bulletin boards, but I'm trying to make it work :-) My room is T.I.N.Y. I don't know why it looks so spacious in these pictures. Ha!

I'm going to try REALLY HARD to remember to credit the resources you see around my room. Almost everything came from an edu-blog or TpT.

 LEFT: This is a view of the front of my room. You can't really see them, but on my board are hand signal cards from A Cupcake for the Teacher's Hand Signals & Voice Levels {Chevron Theme}. I also love the picture direction cards on my board, but I can't find where I got them. I suspect they may also be from A Cupcake for the Teacher.

RIGHT: This is my unfinished calendar area. I'm
going to move the months of the year to below the board to make room for some place value and time

LEFT: This is my guided reading table. I do not have chairs for it yet, but I may make some crate seats instead, I'm running out of time to make a table skirt for it. There are a few Cara Carrol items in this pic: reading strategy mini posters, schedule cards, and some items from her Chevron Classroom Decor Bundle.  The round labels on the baskets come from her Chalk One Up for Being Organized {The Ultimate Chalkboard Labeling Set}. I can't recall which blog I downloaded the vowel glue bottles from!!?? But I love them.

 RIGHT: The left side of the room contains my classroom library and writing center. On the filing cabinet on the back wall I have my clip chart which was made by Lindsay of For the Love of First Grade. I didn't take a close up, but it's super cute chevron print and part of her Behavior to Hoot About {Clip Chart Discipline & Coupon Reward} system. 
LEFT: The mini bulletin boards are made out of Dollar Tree foam core presentation boards that I taped together, covered in fabric, then hot glued mounted to the accordian walls.  The yet-to-be-labeled primary colored bins are math manipulatives and soon-to-be math tubs.
RIGHT: This table will be my writing center. The only thing on it right now is markers and a basket of themed picture dictionary sheets from Kerri B's Writing Centers. But I'm gonna hook it up soon. The writer's eye stuff is more Cara Carrol.

 LEFT: My word wall cards are from the Moffat Girls' Bird Themed Word Wall (and more!).
RIGHT: The back wall. The blue pocket chart will have my Daily Five schedule. I really should take some up-close pictures! The cards are from Michelle Hudgeons at Smitten with First. I think I downloaded them directly from her blog, but I can't find the exact post. They are Dr. You-Know-Who themed, but they have chevron that ties in with my classroom theme. I have some Daily Five related posters being laminated that will hang back there too. The red pocket chart will be my jobs chart.  The cards in it are from A Cupcake for the Teacher's Jobs in the Classroom {Chevron Theme}.

I plan to be back next weekend with highlights from my first week of school.

'til then,

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  1. Your classroom looks great! Do you have wallpaper walls or did someone paint the wood trim? Looks good!

  2. Oh never mind, how did I not store that you had accordian walls? At least they are painted cute!