Ten Pins for Reading & Some Laminator Love

Hiya friends,

I'm linking up with Ashley Reed for her Ten Pin Linky Party again this week. This week's theme is Reading Idea Pins.

This one was hard for me...I have a Reading/Lang. Arts Board, Word Work Board, Sight Word Board...I've got ideas saved everywhere! I need to better organize my Pinterest boards and maybe combine the Sight Word and Word Work boards. On some pins I'm undecided if they qualify as reading or language arts. Sheesh! I'm an over-thinker, I think :-)

Anyway, here are a few pins I really like...

1) Puppy Palooza! Have the kids adopt a pet and read books to their pet for a week during Daily Five. Genious! Love this idea from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits.

2-3) I loved the idea of a reading fair so much I pinned it twice. Both of these pins are from mommycracked.net. Aren't these reading fair boards adorable? And, I love how the kiddos were required to add story & plot elements (as opposed to the scientic method for a science project). 

4) This idea for a biography or character book report comes from hazelpta.org. It's a money saving alternative to actually dressing up like the person/character.

5-6) I love books for every situation, occassion, or any reason at all. 25 books that teach social skills can be found at cleverclassroomblog.blogspot.com. The 10 anti-bullying books come from ayearofmanyfirsts.blogspot.com.

7) Students are 'texting' their sight words on iPhones, 'typing' words onto iPads, and arranging their iPod playlists in alphabetical order in this pin from mrsbremersk.blogspot.com. Kids are so into technology these days, ya know? 

8+) I'm all about a text rich classroom and cute anchor charts to refer to, so here a few that I've pinned that are somehow related to reading.


In other news, did I tell ya'll that I bought a laminator? 

LOOOOVE! Less than $20 on Amazon. It works at a leisurely pace, but it is soooo nice to just sit at my kitchen table and laminate away. No lines. No cost per foot. No turning it in and getting it back a week later.  I've already gone through my first box of 100 laminating pouches so I had to order 100 more!!! 

Have a happy Fourth of July!

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