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I don't know about you, but I feel like "relax and take your time" time is O-V-E-R! We are mid-way through July - what, WHAT??? I'm changing schools and changing grades, and I can't get into my room until mid-August due to construction. I've been enjoying getting things done here and there in a very un-timely fashion, but now I feel the need to write it down, to "to-do list it". Maybe it's just because I've had a crazy week. I saw my doctor today, got two epi-pens, and a referral to an allergist. After the whole wasp encounter, ambulance ride and hospitalization thing on Monday, I killed a yellow jacket in my bathroom yesterday. Gasp. What is going on??? My heart raced for half an hour, maybe more, after that. How do you prevent wasps from flying around outside your door? In Houston, TX? Ha. I need to move to a cooler climate. Less insects. Colorado??? I'm still not over it, can you tell?

Moving on...today I am linking up with The First Grade Parade for "Favorite Pins Friday". If you are a fan of Cara's linky party and Pinterest (who isn't?), you gotta check out Ashley's Ten Pin Linky parties on Wednesdays at Just Reed. She's been hosting a party for ten specifically themed pins each week for several weeks now.

DIY Cereal Box Drawer Organization. Why didn't I think of this? 

Holy moly, Batman! I WISH my pots and pans were organizationed like this. Find it at kitchens.com.


These cute kitties help teach common and proper nouns. I found these at Smitten With First in her Throwback Thursday linky post. 

Healthy packed luncg ideas from funfindsformom.com. Only, these bento box style lunch ideas are for me, not the kiddies! 

 Teacher humor :-)

This is me to a T. 

Zombie Boogers! For my girlies, for school, for everyone!

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  1. I hate wasps, bees, anything that flies! Hope you have no more encounters!

    For the Love of First Grade