Flexible Seating in Action!

Instead of the traditional classroom tour with pictures of an unused, immaculate classroom prior to the beginning of the school year, I'm doing a post about my flexible seating classroom in action! It's messy and it's AWESOME!

Our classroom seating options include:

  • 5 stability balls with legs (Amazon, approx $17)
  • 5 yoga mats (Five Below, $5)
  • 5 wobble discs (Amazon, approx $12-14)
  • 5 traditional desks
  • 1 floor table (legs removed from a rectangular table)
  • 1 high rectangular table
  • 6 stools (Aldi, $3)
  • 1 horseshoe table for guided reading & math
  • 4 fruit cushions (Five Below, $5)
The absolute BEST part of not having 25 traditional classroom desks and chairs is the space we have for games, activities, and demonstrations. And, the kiddos absolutely love having choices. In September the stability balls were all the rage, but in October the yoga mats reign supreme. 

We work anywhere!

I'll try to do a post soon on how I implemented the seating options from the first day of school, how we choose our seats for each activity, and what to do if you are going to have a substitute.

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