This Volcano is Gonna Blow! (Procedural Texts)

If you are planning a reading unit on procedural texts, then I've found the perfecr website for you! has amazing teach-me-hoe-to-draw videos. The videos show an adult AND a child drawing creating an illustration. Some, but not all, of the videos have written step-by-step instructions that you can easily project.

I knew my class would be obsessed with the How to Draw a Volcano video, but it did not have the written instructions, so I had to create my own based on the video. I typed up the steps and glued them to sentence strips. In class, I placed the strips in a bucket. We played Main Idea Mystery Bag. Students drew sentence strips out one at a time. We read each detail and tried to guess the main idea. After 3 strips, a student guessed, "volcanoes!", but I pointed out the strips did not contain facts about volcanoes so the main idea couldn't be JUST "volcanoes" and we continued on. It took us 6 out of 15 strips to figure out the main idea was how to draw a volcano. After the class figured out the main idea, we ordered all 15 strips and read them. 

The kiddos were eager to give it a try, but we watched the art for kids hub video first. This got them super excited. When the video was over, we read the sentence strip again, one at a time, and created our volcano illustrations!

Later, I posted the steps on chart paper and we displayed our work in the hallway to show that we could, in fact, follow the steps in a procedural text. 
This next picture shows the volcano we created to show the main idea and details of the expository text about volcanoes. We wrote the main idea on the mountain and details on the lava strips (orange paper). This kiddos wrote the main idea was, "volcanoes erupt."

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