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We are smack in the middle of a three week poetry unit. Poetry is sooo much fun in first grade! Here's a peek of a few of the things we've been up to recently.

My student teacher planned a fun lesson on alliteration. She started with an anchor chart that included the defintion of alliteration and some examples. Then, the boys and girls brainstormed words to go with their names on a chart of examples of alliteration. Next, the kiddos tried to expand on their line from the chart to create a silly tongue twister craft.

When we worked on haiku, the class voted on the subject. I have a student who absolutely ADORES his pet hamster and his admiration for the animal has spread to the entire class. Hamster won the vote! We brainstormed describing words and sorted them by number of syllables to help us stick to the 5-7-5 pattern of a haiku. Then we used heart tracers to create a hamster craft to go with our poems. 

When it was time to learn about using our five senses to create imagery in our poems, my student teacher planned a lesson around the Robert Frost poem Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening. Where we live in Texas it NEVER, I mean NEV.ER snows. So the kids could have a sensory experience, my student teacher ordered Inst-Snow Powder from Amazon. This stuff is amazing!!! It would also be great for a winter weather unit, Antarctica unit, and more. 

The next day we tried to use my daughters' toy food to inspire writing with our five senses. Each student chose a food to write about. One of my most reluctant writers compared his mushroom with an umbrella. That's progress, people! 

You can find these ideas and more on my poetry Pinterest board

Another Humpday Highlight in the books. 'til next time ;-)

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