I'm linking up with Farley for the February CURRENTLY.

Listening - Mac and Brady, Leila and Tanner are singing their hearts out right now. In the mornings, I ask my girls (ages 5 and 2) how they want their hair. The answer is almost always like Mac, Elsa, Anna, or Milli. I've mastered Teen Beach Movie, Frozen, and Team Umizoomi hair, people!!!

Loving - Houston has a HUGE rodeo evey March. Most of the acts (after the rodeo competition) are country music, which I love, but this year I'm trying to find my inner Latina. For the record, I'm not Latina, but I aspire to be J-Lo-esque. As if. 

Thinking - I'm sooo tired by the end of the week.

Wanting - It's a real addiction, ya'll. Dr. Pepper is the enemy.

Needing - I won Teacher of the Year on my campus. Now I need to write some essays to compete for the district title. I'm very honored my peers voted for me...but essays? I think the judging committee should just visit my classroom. I'll do my best to write worthy papers, don't get me wrong...but stopping by is a better idea. Am I crazy?

Pageant Title - I dabble in a little of everything including song writing (for my classroom). This happened today. I'm planning a post on our Data Unit later this week. 

Happy February!!!


  1. I love your Data Song! We write "piggyback" style songs for learning in my classroom too!

    I am envious of your sessions with some of my favorite teacher-authors! The conference looks like it was fabulous!

    I used to have a Pepsi addiction, so I understand your Dr. Pepper cravings. It was hard to cut back to one (and sometimes even none) per day, but I did it and feel better because of it! I think I like the carbonation more than the sweet "kick!"

    Stories and Songs in Second

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know kicking the Dr. Pepper habit is more mental than anything.

  2. Congratulations on Teacher of the Year for your school. How exciting! I've been on a Sonic drink kick too, but my favorite is Cherry Limeade! Love the data song, I might have to borrow that when my second graders get to that in the Spring.

    Cupcakes and Lesson Plans

    1. Amanda, my husband loves Diet Strawberry Limeades. Have you tried that? By all means, use the song! I might record my firsties singing it and post a snippet to Instagram tomorrow.

  3. And congratulations on your Teacher of the Year honor! They should just let you send in a videotape! Seeing is believing, right?!

  4. Congrats on getting Teacher of the Year!! And Sonic DP--my fav! Love that I found another TX blogger :)