Apple Week! Using Schema to Make Connections

Ya'll! Septemember was busy, busy, busy. I can't believe it's officially fall and that October is already underway. Let's catch up :-) 

Two weeks ago we learned about activating our schema and how we can add new schema to our "file". It was September and we've all had apples we started there!

We added our schema to an apple anchor chart. Then, for the next two days we added new schema as we learned more about apples. 

I like to have my firsties write about everything, so we added some of our old and new apple schema to this little apple craftivity from Michelle Hudgeons.

We found time to diagram an apple in our math and science intereactive notebook. 

We also read Arnold's Apple Tree and made this oldy but goody. We used glue and glitter to add snow to the branches, pink and white tissue paper to make apple blossoms, and pinky fingers dipped in red and green ink pads to add apples to our trees. My fabulous partner thought of the ink pad idea and it was soooo much easier than using paint!

And I can't believe I didn't take any pictures but we did an apple tasting! Not just apples, but apple sauce, caramel apples, Apple Jacks cereal, and apple juice too. The clear victor - apple juice is definately the favorite in my class. I voted for Apple Jacks (that was before I began Whole 30). 

Last week we used our schema to make text-to-self connections. We read some Kevin Henkes books including Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse. We used Susie Q's All About Lilly freebie to make Lilly and I cut out purple and white purses so we could write our connection to the text in the purse. 

This week we will be making mental images as we read. It's bat week people! Sooo excited. I'll be back later this week with more on that. 

'til then...

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