Workin' On It Wednesday: FLASH FREEBIE for 24 hours only!

I'm linking up with KinderGals for another Workin' On It Wedensday. I'm a day late, but I've been super busy getting my rental house ready for sale, prepping for a Fourth of July party, planning my Vegas trip and more!

This week I've been working on awards for my super readers.

Do you give each student an award when he/she "tests out" of a reading level and is ready to level up?!

My firsties can't wait until their "D" books become "E" books and "E" books become "F" books and on and on, so I created these half page certificates to reward their achievement. Plus, the rewards communicate to parents what level their student is currently reading. 

I included this line at the bottom of each certificate: NOTE: The end-of-year benchmark for grade ___ is Level ___. In my district the benchmark for grade 1 is Level 16, but districts vary so I made it fill-in-the-blank.

Black & white and color options for each certificate
Certificates for guided reading levels A-N
Certificates for DRA levels 4-28

And, because it's sweet, sweet summertime and we all deserve a little treat, you can download the Super Reader Awards FREE for 24 hours only! July 4th at 9PM the awards go on sale in my TpT store. 

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