First Graders Appreciate Moms and Teachers & Sale Loot!

Five for Friday starts now!

Ya'll! I took full advantage of EVERY SALE around this week!!! First, I went to the Scholastic Warehouse Sale. I want to beef up my nonfiction book collection, so I decided  to check it out the sale. It is advertised up to 80% off, but the majority of books are 50% off. This is what I got for about $55.

Then, I heard from some other teachers that the local teacher supply store is going out of business. Everything is 75% off! So I picked up all of this for $35.

I have many types of dice, but I didn't have these. On sale they were 17 cents each. I'm certain I can find a use for them!

I bought four bulletin board packs. I will use the money and Judy Clocks when I redesign my calendar area for next year. I got the tree & owls for my Behavior to Hoot About Board. And, the pizzas are sure to come in handy when we study fractions. 

Random items: idea book, magnetic storage holder, post cards and more.

Lots of border! I restocked on owls and birds border because I've decided to keep that theme for next year. 

Can you believe it?! $35. Blows my mind. 

TpT was also having a sale. Since my daughter, Isa, is four years old, I decided to take this opportunity to buy some resources to help her grow as a reader. But, I forgot to enter the promo code to get the 10% off. Sad face. Brain fart. Anyway, Isa is four so she doesn't start Kindergarten for another year,  but I'm certain her Kinder teachers will be happy when she does start school if we accomplish this much and more!

I'm helping The Moffat Girls pay their bills this month! 

Thursday and Friday we worked on some Mother's Day goodies. Here are a few pics of some of the pages in the mini book we made. 

I love how this mom has some serious highlights. 

This mom has some serious hair ;-)

The kiddos' illustrations of their mothers make me smile.

Hmmm...what do you think this mom's favorite meal is???

And we made handprint bouquets.

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week at my school. I gotta tell you, the PTO out  did themselves by providing lunch or breakfast for the teachers this week. 

My firsties brought me plenty of notes, sweet treats, and drinks. But, my favorite day was Thursday when I received all of these beautiful flower arrangements. 

Some of the kids picked flowers on their way to school. They were so thrilled with their finds. I tried to wear some in my hair all day. But by the end of the day, most of the hand picked flowers were done for. 

I have a goal for next week: SPEND LESS MONEY! 

Do your kids need help with inflectional endings? This is my newest creation and you can find it here

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  1. I can't believe you got all of those supplies for $35 either!!! WOW! I also love the idea to do handprint flowers for Mother's Day!

    Tacky the Teacher

  2. I went to the warehouse sale too! I was able to spend less than $40 but I could have spent waay more! lol. You sure lucked out at that teacher store! How neat to get all that loot :)