Classroom Flip

The official first day of spring was this week! Spring Break is over and the summer count down has begun. According to my partner teacher, we have 53 school days to go. Not that I'm counting or anything ;-)

Do you spring clean your classroom? Well, I did!I haven't touched my house, my classroom got re-do before Spring Break. My room really felt cramped. My firsties have grown, for sure, but surely they're not taking up extra square footage! Regardless, I decided to over haul my room. It's been great - a definite improvement. And, even though I was concerned about changing things up mid-year, the kiddies love it as much as I do. We have waaayyyy more space on the carpet now and we're loving it. Here's the BEFORE pics:

I had six groups located centrally in the room. The library, writing center, computers, and shelves were located at  the edges of the room. Then, I flipped it:

BAM! Look at all that space!!!! Now the writing center and storage shelves are in the center of the room. I reduced the groups from six to four and moved the groups to the outer edges against the walls. Soooo much more space for EVERYTHING. The writing center desks never move or get pushed out of place because they are lined up behind the shelving that holds our book boxes and math manipulatives. It's great. And the groups move less to because they are pressed against the walls. Whowouldathunkit? 

Have a great weekend!

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