Classroom Decor!

Ok, so I know my intermediate school teaching buddies are rolling their eyes right now because I'm already thinking ahead to next year, BUT I have all kinds of things to purchase, make, laminate, etc. this summer and I need to spread out the withdrawals from my bank account :-) So, the minute little Evie went down for a nap I made a bee-line straight to the computer to peruse my TpT wishlist. It is a mile looooong. I need to join a TpT Wish List Linky Party. Anybody???

I really, really, really dig chevron right now. But, so does everyone else.
I also like those cute little owls you see everywhere. But, so does everyone else.
Polka dots. Yep, everyone else too.
Chalkboard themed. Ditto.

I give up on being original. I like what I like. Maybe I'll try to squeeze in all of them! Chevron, polka dots, owls, and chalkboard!! Check these out...

First up...

I like adore these chevron themed posters from Cara Carrol. I especially like that the number posters have ten frames on them. 

 I know this teeny tiny pic is pitiful, but I can't find a larger one :-(
This is a word wall set from Pencils and Chalk. I am considering a portable word wall that will sit on top of some short book shelves, but that I can take down and move to the writing center or whereever. That, or put the word wall on the doors of the storage cabinets (see pics in previous post). 


...these owl themed calendar headers and name tags are from FlapJack Educational Resources. There are also owl letter posters, owl binder covers and much, much more. I.


I love, love, love that these number posters from A Cupcake for the Teacher have tally marks on them. I simply can't choose between these with the tally marks or Cara Carrol's with the ten frames. Maybe I will have to have both. Over kill? Hmmmm...

I think I can pull off a combination of all three of these themes because of the corresponding colors. Whatdayathink?

Happy summer,


  1. Choose what speaks to you. You will have to look at it all year. In elementary, I chose a different theme each year and used it as not only for classroom decor,but also as cut out shapes for other things like their sticker charts. I also developed a motto around the theme of the year. Like one year it was stars and my motto was something like "shooting for the stars" then that motto can be postdd on your door or in your room and on your website. One year I did hot air balloons and said something like So&aring to new heights". Have fun with it!

  2. LOVE me some chrevon AND love me some Cara Carroll! Go with the chrevon for SURE!

    I also replied to your comment on my blog in regards to being "mean" at the beginning of the year! If you ever have ANY questions this year, feel free to email me at I'd love to help! I went from 4th to 1st 3 years ago and it can be hard at the beginning, but you will fall in love with 1st! I promise!